Friday, 15 March 2013


CAT VADER STAYS AT ME HOUSSEEE! looook mam taut me how tow spel housseee. CAT VADER WAS ME FREND ANDE DEN HE TURN BADD. toodai i trie tow play wif vayderr and he turns me down and scratch me eye, and so i go to tew mam and vayder jump on me back ands i try to bit my backk but vader say "No NO ITS IMPOSSIBULEE" and he kept biting me and i ran to mam and i cry and cry and i say mam vader atttack me backkk and she say "Awww VAYDERRR GIVINN NONI BACK SCRATCHHH!" and shed tayk picture, but i  dontt liek it whens mam take pictures of me becausee de flashhs blinds me and i cantt see, so i walk intooo wallll and den mom take another pictue. Ebey says dat i will get used to it, but ebeys bliynddd so i donttt even think sheeei nose wat she is even talking about.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mez haiw!

Ohz Noz! Me mom died me haiw purpow and gween! Me fink it was cool, but den me oder mom say no let annie do dat. So i dinit wike in anymore. And i dinit wike how after i got me haiw died, den EBEY wanted her haiw died poop green. And i fought she knew dat poop gween was MY COLOW but apperantlie oni noni no's. I wiw post a pictuw soon of me haiw before i bite eet ooooff.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hot soss

Today i ate hot soss. Bwyant few it to me. I fink dat i wiked it but it kind of huwt my toung. Hot soss is bad fo de soul. It makes me wet de bed. :) ahaaa mom no wike.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Dis is ay secwet. So no tewing mom. Umm, so today i was wreally bored, and i was outside playing spy on de dumpsta next door, and den i jumped de fence and wan into de stweet wif out my undiieeess:)

Monday, 23 January 2012

De Snow!

I WUV DE SNOW! I wike to pway in it evwy day! I wuv it becuz it is cold and i am alwais hot, and becuz wen mom throws ball, it dosnt bownce, so i can get it and bite de stinky fuzz off before mom takes de baw away to say no noni. I wuv de snow. It is snowing wight now. and mom wont wet me out because it is too muddy. I dont undewrstand hooman.